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Technology and Products

For its first project, Emercell is developing a generic cell immunotherapy NK-based to be used in synergy with monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) to treat refractory patients in oncology. This new and innovative drug therapy called NK-001 consists of allogeneic Natural Killer (NK) cells which are produced ex vivo according to a patented process.

NK lymphocytes present natural cytotoxicity and specific cytotoxicity in association with MAbs (Antibody-Dependent Cell Cytotoxicity (ADCC)) and are known for their natural immunology surveillance of cancers.

NK cells being considered as highly potent effectors, two NK-based therapeutic strategies exist:

  • Regulating endogenous NK activity, that needs sufficient quantities of properly activable NK cells.

  • Infusing exogenous NK cells to the patient for which full industrialization with production of frozen batches to treat several dozens of patients is rarely reached.

  • EMERCell NK-001 solution is an optimized active product, with low incidence of endogenous immune system state, consisting of highly activated & alloreactive allogeneic NK cells. The process allows full industrialization using the same source of NK cells for all patients, and producing high quantities of cells to treat dozens of patients with one batch.

Emercell technology advantages

A NK-based mature cell immunotherapy generic product used in synergy with monoclonal antibodies to treat cancer


Immunotherapy to help natural body defenses


Mature cell therapy to provide immuno-deficient patients with highly active effector cells


Highly activated NK cells-based to have a safe and highly potent effector


Off-the-shelf product to be used in large patient population across multiple cancer types


Synergy with monoclonal antibodies for specific targeting

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Strengths of Emercell technology

Competitive advantages


✓ No genetic modification


✓ Generic therapeutic tool to treat different pathologies


✓ Safe profile without genetic instability risk


✓ Improved reproducibility

Optimal activity conditions


✓ Weak incidence of host immune reaction


✓ Highly activated NK cells


✓ Alloreactive allogeneic NK cells


✓ High MAb receptor expression

Full industrialization


✓ Availability of biological raw material

✓ Robust and standardized amplification process


Pooled UCBs
Patented production process
Off the shelf frozen NK-001 cells
MAb + thawed NK-001 infusion

NK-001 Product & Technology

Emercell is developing off-the-shelf cell immunotherapy NK-based to be used in synergy with Monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) to treat cancer. This new and innovative cell therapy called NK-001 consists of allogeneic Natural Killer (NK) cells derived from compatible pooled Umbilical Cord Blood (UCBs)  activated & amplified ex vivo according to a patented process.

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