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Joseph Bertinetti

Joseph Bertinetti is a Biologist, PhD.


From 1975 to 1983, he was the head of the Laboratory for diagnosis of blood coagulation disorders at the Technical/Scientific Center AVIS – Turin.

In 1984, he founded Bioline Diagnostici srl, involved in development of laboratory tests in the immunology, autoimmunity, and virology fields.

In 1995, he was the co-founder of the French company Argene/Biosoft   operating in the development of virology and molecular biology diagnostic tests, afterwards sold in 2011 to Biomerieux Group.

In 1998, he was the co-founder of the Belgian company Coris Bioconcept, operating in the development of ICT tests in virology and bacteriology fields.

In 2000, Bioline Diagnostici srl took a participation in the capital of Mabgene SA which has been effectively sold to LFB in 2011.

In 2001, part of Bioline Diagnostici was sold to Amplifon Group, a company listed on the STAR index  at the Milan Stock Exchange.

In 2013, via Bioline Diagnostici srl, he participated as co-founder to the creation of Emercell SAS, and became the main shareholder until 2022. 

Joseph was  a Partner of BiPCa, Bioindustry Park Canavese, a public regional Piemont institution.

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