Partners & subcontractors from different background are implicated in NK-001 projects:

  • CELLforCURE (industrial partner for industrial production, from LFB group) since June 2014.
  • Puerto de Hierro Hospital of Madrid (selection of specific blood donors) since June 2015.
  • GENETHON (partner for proprietary accessory cells development) since August 2015.
  • European Institute of Oncology of Milan (partner for in vivo experiments) since March 2016.
  • CREFRE (zoology service partner for in vivo experiments) since November 2016.
  • Montpellier CHU (Hospital for clinical trial & primary cells supply in the collaborative program on B lymphoma) since May 2016.
  • and several confidential industrial collaborations.

CELLforCURE and CHU Montpellier are partners of EMERCell in the collaborative program funded by the FUI.