EMERCell is a biotechnology company bridging immunotherapy research projects to first pharmaceutical development steps


EMERCell ’s focus is to implement the first steps of the pharmaceutical development of innovative therapeutic products, until the first clinical trials.

Immunotherapy and cell therapy are highly potent therapeutic ways to help body’s immune system and to better fit the current therapeutic needs.

The first project of EMERCell is NK-001, in oncology area.

NK-001 Technology

For the first project of the company, EMERCell is developing a generic cell immunotherapy NK-based to be used in synergy with monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) to treat refractory patients in oncology. This new and innovative drug therapy called NK-001 consists of allogeneic Natural Killer (NK) cells which are activated & amplified ex vivo according to a patented process.

Product development and use


Banked UCBs


Patented production process


Generic frozen NK-001 cells


MAb + thawed NK-001 infusion

Inside the step 4 :

MAb + NK-001 cytoxicity

EMERCell technology advantages

A NK-based mature cell immunotherapy generic product used in synergy with monoclonal antibodies to treat refractory patients in oncology

Immunotherapy to help natural body defenses

Mature cell therapy to supply immune-defective patients with highly active effector cells

Highly activated NK cells-based to have a poorly toxic but highly potent effector

Generic product to be used for many patients & many pathologies

Product acting in synergy with monoclonal antibodies to specifically target different pathologies

Strengths of EMERCell technology

Competitive advantages

check No genetic modification

check Generic therapeutic tool to treat different pathologies

check Weak toxicity and genetic instability risks

check Decreased variability

Optimal activity conditions

check Weak incidence of endogenous immune system

check Highly activated NK cells

check Alloreactive allogeneic NK cells

check High MAb receptor expression

Full industrialization

check Availability of biological raw material

check High quantity of produced cells

Development phases

NK-001 Project story

NK-001 project : new Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) development using a patented process to amplify and activate allogeneic Natural Killer (NK) cells.

NK-001 project has been presented twice at the French Regulatory Authorities (ANSM), in 2012 before EMERCell creation, and in 2016 for a review of the preclinical & clinical development plans.

The impact of the association between EMERCell NK and monoclonal antibodies directed against tumor antigens is currently being evaluated: a collaborative program funded by the Fonds Unique Interministériel (a French governmental funding) on B lymphoma is ongoing.

Q4 2017, in vivo proof of concept & preclinical regulatory experiments are ongoing on immunodeficient mice for B lymphoma application.

First ANSM meeting focused on project presentation
Company creation
NK-001 selection in "34 plans de réindustrialisation de la France"
ADI funding, Région Occitanie/BPI
NK-001 project eligibility for "20ème AP du FUI"
Scientific advice, ANSM development plan review
Preclinical data
in vivo proof of concept & preclinical regulatory experiments are ongoing on immunodeficient mice for B lymphoma application.
Expected beginning of clinical development

Development strategy : Which steps ?

After NK-001 therapeutic tool industrial production, NK cells being hematological cells, the proof of concept is suggested initially in the treatment of onco-hematological pathologies: First phase in CD20 refractory lymphoma with a clinically well-known MAb (Rituximab), and second phase in refractory AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). Then NK-001 will be tested with Trastuzumab (or equivalent) on solid tumor expressing HER2.


Production of a generic NK-based therapeutic tool




First proof of concept in CD20+ refractory lymphoma + Rituximab


Refractory AML


Test on refractory HER2+ solid tumor cells




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