person Patrick Henno

Patrick Henno is a PhD graduated from the French University of Compiègne (1985).

In 1997, he founded a company named MAbgène which was bought by LFB in 2011 (now LFB Biomanufacturing), focused on the production of proteins and cell therapy developments as a CMO.

Headquarters and production unit have been settled in Alès and produced biomolecules according to GMP regulations.

He joined CELLforCURE as the executive general manager, from 2011 to 2013.

In 2013, he became a co-founder of EMERCell SAS, company focused on the development of immunotherapy projects and the implementation of the first pharmaceutical development steps.


person Pierre-Henri Bertoye, regulatory aspects

Pierre-Henri Bertoye is a MD/PhD graduated from University of Lyon (1986).

He has worked for the French Medicinal and Health Products Safety Agency (ANSM), ending at the position of deputy director of International Affairs Department, and is currently director of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Affairs & Pharmacovigilance at Unicancer R&D.

person Guillaume Cartron, preclinical & clinical development

Guillaume Cartron is a MD/PhD graduated from University of Tours (1997/2003).

He became Professor of the University in 2010. He is head of Hematology department of Montpellier hospital since 2012 and is implicated in numerous comittees.

He is involved in EMERCell NK-001 project as part of the collaborative project team between EMERCell, CHU Montpellier and CELLforCURE.

He is co-inventor of 7 patents in antibodies and oncology areas.

person Nicolas Ferry, regulatory aspects

Nicolas Ferry is a MD/PhD graduated from University Paris Descartes & University Pierre et Marie Curie (1991/1985).

He is a former head of division in charge of vaccines, advanced therapies and products from human origin (ANSM), and a former French representative at the CAT (Committee for Advanced Therapies) at EMA.

person Bruno Varet, preclinical & clinical development

Bruno Varet is a MD/PhD graduated from Paris Sciences Faculty (1969/1971).

Once student of Professor Jean Bernard, he is Professor Emeritus of the University (Paris-Descartes)-Hospital & consultant at the Necker Hospital. Former head of Hematology department of Paris Necker hospital, he has presided over the Commission of Cellular Therapy at the French Medicinal and Health Products Safety Agency (ANSM).

person Carlos Vilches, research aspects

Carlos Vilches is a MD/PhD graduated from Madrid autonomous University (1987/1993).

He became Assistant Professor in Immunology at the Madrid autonomous University in 2004.

He is currently head of HLA & Immunogenetic service in Puerto de Hierro Hospital of Madrid, since 2007.

person Martin Villalba, research aspects, co-founder of EMERCell

Martin Villalba is a PhD graduated from the autonomous University of Madrid (1993).

In 2001 he joined the French CNRS as Researcher, and became Senior Researcher in 2010, head of the INSERM U1183 team 4 in the IRMB in Montpellier.

In 2013, he contributed to EMERCell SAS creation as co-founder.

He works on Natural Killer cells for 13 years now.

He is co-inventor of 6 patents in immunology and oncology areas.


EMERCell laboratories are managed by Amélie Cornillon, a PhD graduated from the University of Marseille (2009). After getting her PhD she has been hired by a small company as Junior Scientist. Then she moved to INSERM in 2011 to work on the development of a Natural Killer production process. She finally joined EMERCell in 2013 as Technical & Scientific Manager. She works on Natural Killer cells for 12 years now.

EMERCell laboratories staff is composed of a Project Leader (PhD) to manage in vitro & in vivo developments, a Pharmaceutical Development Manager (PhD) and a research technician.