EMERCell’s focus is to implement the first steps of the pharmaceutical development of innovative therapeutic products, until the first clinical trials.

Immunotherapy and cell therapy are highly potent therapeutic ways to help body’s immune system and to better fit the current therapeutic needs.

The first project of EMERCell is NK-001, in oncology area.

In cancer pathologies, even though many medical progresses have been realized, there are still many refractory or relapsed patients with no more therapeutic options. Many therapeutic developments are currently ongoing to treat them, but many showed high toxicity and often high relapse rate.

Immunotherapy to help body’s defenses is a highly potent therapeutic solution and can be done using several ways. Use of immunomodulators or modified antibodies is an interesting solution, but has the inconvenient to be highly impacted by the patient's immune system state, often deficient, and should be completed by cell therapy using mature effector cells. EMERCell 's first project is to develop this kind of cell therapeutic tool.